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As an individual, you are contacting us with a reason. We understand that your inquiry may contain personal and sensitive information. Therefore, your personal preferences and considerations, is our main priority. Here are some examples of situations you can hire our us for:

  • Tracing missing persons
  • Alimony (fraud)
  • Adultery
  • Behaviour Research minors
  • Loverboys
  • Online dating “Catfish”
  • Advising in tracking elderly people with various tracking systems
  • Theft
  • Swindle (Online fraud)


We also provide complete forensic investigations. These results can be used as legal evidence in court. We have the knowledge, experience and resources at our disposal to provide irrefutable evidence that will make the difference in your lawsuit. For example, in case of theft, adultery or extortion, you can think of:

  • Chemical research
  • Digital Research
  • DNA
  • Document research
  • Signature and writing research
  • Fingerprints


We customize each case by determing what the best method(s) will be based on our insights and experience. In addition, we draw on highly effective research tools such as observation methods, observation vehicles and GPS tracking systems.

  •  High-quality cameras optimized to record in the dark
  • Advanced Spy Camera’s – custom made and installed
  • Complete Camera systems – made to be monitored from a distance
  • Highly advanced GPS trackers
  • The latest drones

Our high-quality observation resources can be installed secretly and will be invisible. These can be monitored from a distance. In addition, these systems are equipped with intelligent software to effectively monitor the images and nothing can be missed.


  • Manned or unmanned vehicles
  • Manned or unmanned scooter or bicycle

Our observation vehicles can be deployed manned or unmanned. They are equipped with sophisticated camera systems with intelligent software, completely invisible. This allows us to monitor from a distance and minimalizes the time to view the images.



  •  Complete package including software and SIM cards
  • Installation
  • Individual trackers

We offer comprehensive possibilities in the area of GPS tracking systems. We can place it on a specific object/vehicle and also provide detailed monitoring. These systems can be deployed for longer periods of time. The results will provide a clear pattern of movements and locations.



We supply GPS tracking systems for your own use and offer training in the use of these systems. Not only in secretly placing GPS (technique and tactics), but also in advanced observation techniques. All courses are provided by experienced detectives who are highly skilled in research methods and associated resources.



As an organization, you can be confronted with cases that require investigation. Cases where the police can’t be of service due to capacity reasons and/or priorities. With our extensive investigative services we can assist you on an affordable base. An example of situations for which you can hire us:

  • Employee misconduct / absenteeism
  • Fraud
  • Theft / Fraud
  • Cargo Theft
  • (Background) Screening persons
  • Mystery guest / Mystery shopping
  • Contra physical security
  • Rental/Lease Fraud
  • Internet/Online Fraud
  • Finding untraceable persons

The bureau of The Private Detective is located in the heart of the Netherlands. We can operate throughout the Netherlands and beyond.